International Coffee Day in Sri Lanka

International Coffee Day is pointed at 29th of September, and this year the International Coffee Organization declared the day to be pointed at the 1st of October.  However, still the National Coffee Days may vary from country to country and when they want to celebrate the International Coffee Day. Every year around the world, and it’s too rare for anyone to miss all the interesting headlines on media about the coffee day. This includes interesting Information about the benefits of coffee to the history of coffee and details on how coffee houses will celebrate this day (with an array of promotions and deals).

Celebrations in Colombo

The international coffee day is celebrated in Sri Lanka this year. So if you are living in Sri Lanka, I believe this time around must have encountered some form of media about the International Coffee Day. Sri Lanka, with a growing community of coffee enthusiasts and rising number of coffee shops in Colombo and suburbs, has shown a good interest regarding the International Coffee Day. There was a good number of coffee-shops having various events and promotions. Some coffee shops were standing by the 29th September and extending their offers till 1st October and some declaring their offers on 1st October and extending further. This year there was the promising number of ‘buy one get one free’ offers and discounts on coffee drinks. These offers were happily indulged and liked by the Sri Lankan coffee enthusiasts.

I believe that next year onward 1st October might be the preferred day for Sri Lanka although it falls on the same day as kids day in Sri Lanka and internationally.  There may be plenty of opportunities to have bundled offers to celebrate both the occasions if one may choose to direct a promotion towards both segments.

Certain occasions while traveling outside the country I have been around some coffee shops which offered free coffee throughout the day on the coffee day.  It was a pleasant surprise although I didn’t find any free coffee in Sri Lanka, other than with breakfast, I’m optimistic on behalf of the coffee community that we might hear many great offers on this day in the future.

Meantime, at Colombo Coffee Club we celebrated the International Coffee day with a high note by revamping the Colombo Coffee Club website as part of our 2015 plan. And the Rype3 Digital & DevOps teams made it all possible with a lot of coffee and some strong magic and the new site went online on the 1st of October.

The site is now on and I warmly invite the Coffee Drinking Community to use this exclusive site which includes every bit of detail that you need to know about coffee shops and full review capability to add your review.

At Colombo Coffee Club, we continue to celebrate our love for good coffee.

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