I am an Organogold distributor based in the UK. I heard of  the Organogold products and Company through my husband who met an Organogold distributor while at work. He heard the distributor telling someone there about the benefits of the Organogold products. Since he knew I was health conscious, he decided to bring home a sample of the black coffee.

I normally do not drink coffee but, I wanted to try this out because of what my husband said, He told me how the coffee is infused with Ganoderma Lucidum (The King of Herbs) which works wonder on the body. I also searched the internet to find out more about  this miracle herb called Ganoderma and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the herb has helped some people overcome the following

I became my first client drinking the Organogold Tea, Coffee, Hot chocolate, Mocha, Black coffee, and Latte regularly. My Dad had died of stroke and for quite some time now (3 years +) I had been experiencing some extreme numbness on the left side of my body (from my head to my toes). I have been to the  hospital on several occasions regarding this condition without no solution.

After taking the Organogold beverages for sometime, I noticed that the numbness on my left side was getting better and afterwards was totally gone. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT.  I am just so thankful to GOD that my husband brought the Organogold Coffee home on that fateful day.